Confidence is always brought down so easily, and so hard to be brought back up. Haven’t you ever felt like that? Confidence is brought down on what people judge you about, in what they say to you. Not knowing the consequences to what they say, can cause you feel. Sometimes we tend to pay attention to what people tell us or what people may be talking behind our back. That tends to bring down our self esteem and our confidences in anything we do. I’d love for everyone to always be confident in anything they do but unfortunately thats not possible because there’s always that one person or thing that’s always going to bring you back down. No matter what happens.. what people say about us, we always have to stand back up. We can’t just give up that easily. We gotta keep on fighting!!



My name is Sahira. I’m a freshman at Helen Bernstein High School I’m in the medical pathway. I’m looking forward to┬álearn more about┬ájournalism here in Global Girl Media. I’m a person who likes having fun and learning new things. I’m into some sports, not all. Recently this year I ran the LA Marathon, it sure was hard training but it was a experience to never forget. I like getting t know new places I haven’t been before.

In this blog I’ll posting more about Global Girl Media.